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Spell Circles
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Elanthia is a world deeply interwoven with a magical tradition. Every adventurer has the opportunity to learn to wield the magic within them, no matter their profession or race. Magic is, however, difficult to master and requires years of study. The following list of professions and the spell circles they can use may give some hint to the magical possibilities in your future.

Elemental Sphere

· Minor Elemental
(Bards, Sorcerers, Rogues, Warriors, Wizards)
· Major Elemental

Spiritual Sphere

· Minor Spiritual
(Clerics, Empaths, Rangers, Paladins, Sorcerers, Rogues, Warriors, Monks)
· Major Spiritual
(Clerics, Empaths)

Mental Sphere

· Minor Mental
(Savants, Monks)


· Arcane
· Wizard
· Sorcerer
· Ranger
· Paladin
· Empath
· Cleric
· Bard



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