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Charge Item Guide


In order to begin the charge item process, a Wizard must acquire a gem with "orb gem" properties and then proceed to treat the gem with a grot t'kel potion. The Wizard must then cast Charge Item at the gem. This process turns the gem into a pulsating orb. Once the Wizard has created a pulsating orb, he must cast the Charge Item spell at the orb repeatedly, until it is ready to handle charging. Each additional cast of Charge Item at the orb is at the cost of one Mana Point (MP).

After the pulsating orb has been properly prepared to handle charging, the Wizard must hold the item to be charged in the right hand and RUB the pulsating orb. Each time the Wizard RUBs the pulsating orb, MPs are drained in order to channel the charge into the item being charged.


Q. Where do I get a gem with "orb gem" properties?
A. A gem with "orb gem" properties, or orb gem, could be any gem commonly found on a critter with a value over approximately 1000 silvers. The difference is that an orb gem has special properties to aid in the Charge Item process. One of the best ways to tell if you have an orb gem is to have a Bard sing to your gems. When a Bard sings to a gem with "orb gem" properties, they receive applicable messaging.

Q. How do I treat my orb gem once I find one?
A. You must purchase a grot t'kel potion from the local alchemist shop and POUR POTION ON MY <gem>. If the treatment was successful, you will see the appropriate messaging.

Q. I poured the grot t'kel potion on my gem and it evaporated. What gives?
A. It is not an orb gem. If the gem you found were an orb gem, pouring the grot t'kel potion on it in order to treat it will work every time. If it is not an orb gem, it will not work.

Q. How much mana does it cost to create a pulsating orb that is ready to handle charging?
A. The first cast at the gem has a Mana Point (MP) cost of 17. This 17 MP cost turns the orb gem into a pulsating orb. Once the gem is a pulsating orb, the Wizard must continue casting Charge Item at the pulsating orb until he receives messaging that the orb is ready to handle charging. Each additional cast is at the cost of one MP each. The average MP cost to create a pulsating orb that is ready for charging is approximately 25.

Q. When I cast Charge Item at my pulsating orb, sometimes it grows and sometimes it shrinks. What's the difference?
A. If it grows, you are making progress towards reaching the level where it is ready to handle charging. If it shrinks, you just took a step backward. If it shrinks too many times, it will disappear.

Q. How long does the pulsating orb last?
A. A pulsating orb can last up to 15 minutes, if properly maintained. Casting Charge Item at the orb when it shrinks helps maintain the pulsating orb for a longer period of time. In fact, if it shrinks just once from the 'ready' state, the Wizard will have to cast Charge Item again (at the one MP cost) in order to keep charging. If he does not, the pulsating orb will keep shrinking until it disappears.

Q. How is it determined how much mana is needed for charging when I rub my pulsating orb?
A. The Mana Point (MP) cost for charging spells is dependent on the Wizard's knowledge of the spell. Spells in unknown magic spheres can cost up to three times as much MPs to charge as they would cost to cast. A Wizard can reduce the cost of each charge with exceptional training in the Elemental Mana Control skill.

Q. What types of items can be charged?
A. Blue crystals, ruby amulets, and wands that are commonly found in the treasure system can all be charged using the Charge Item spell. There are also existing items as well as new items (found in the treasure system or sold by merchants) that have the charge properties. Ask a Bard to sing to your item to see if it is chargeable. Additionally, any orb gem that is treated with grot t'kel potion becomes imbeddable (see Magic Item Creation 420). There is a small chance that those treated gems could potentially be chargeable. Again, ask the help of a Bard to determine the properties of your items.


  • Magic Item Use skill
  • Elemental Mana Control skill
  • Major Elemental spells known
  • Being in a workshop


  • Spell level being charged
  • Wizard's knowledge of the spell
  • Number of charges already in the item

Extraordinary failure has been known to result in loss of Mana Points (MPs), injury, and even possibly the destruction of the item. Use Charge Item at your own risk.


The quality (value) of the orb gem will only influence the maximum number of charges that can be placed in an item. The Wizard should be aware that, since the number of charges in an item is a factor in making it more difficult to charge, using expensive orb gems often result in little benefit. Put another way, using an expensive orb gem is not a factor in success.

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