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Assume Aspect

Assume Aspect allows a ranger, who has 50 Ranger spell ranks, to channel the spirits of nature in order to assume beneficial characteristics of certain wild beasts. After PREParing the spell, the ranger may choose one of the following aspects to ASSUME:

Aspect Benefit


Dexterity & Intuition stats


Ambush skill


Strength and Influence stats


Stalking & Hiding skill


Wisdom & Aura stats


Perception skill


Agility & Discipline stats


Logic stat; Wall of Thorns (640) spell effect


Constitution stat; Health Points (HP)








Survival skill; SENSE, FORAGE & herb/healing potion RT reduction


Climbing skill; Web (118) spell effect

Aspect Benefits
Stats: When assuming an aspect with a stat benefit, the ranger receives a +20 increase to the applicable stat. Training in Spiritual Lore, Blessings provides an additional benefit of an additional +1 at 2 ranks to a maximum of an additional +12 at 90 ranks. The stat bonus increase is half that of the stat increase with a base stat bonus increase of +10 and an additional stat bonus increase of +6 with lore training. Please note that the total increase to a character's stat bonus from all enhancive effects (including 650) caps at +20.

Skills: Aspects with skill benefits increase the appropriate skill by +20 ranks. Training in Spiritual Lore, Summoning increases this bonus by an additional +1 at 2 ranks to a maximum of an additional +12 at 90 ranks.

Wall of Thorns (640) modifier: One of the benefits of assuming the Aspect of the Porcupine is an increase in potency of the block rate and poison effect of the Wall of Thorns (640) spell. Training in Spiritual Lore, Summoning further increases this effect.

Health Point (HP) modifier: Not only does assuming the Aspect of the Bear provide an increase to the Constitution stat, it also provides an increase to the ranger's Health Points (HP) by +25. Training in Spiritual Lore, Summoning provides an additional +1 HP at 1 rank with a maximum of an additional +13 HP at 91 ranks.

Evasion/Block/Parry modifiers: This benefit provides a +10% chance to evade, block, or parry against like-level foes during combat. Training in Spiritual Lore, Blessings increases this chance by an additional 1% at 2 ranks with a maximum of an additional +12% at 90 ranks.

SENSE, FORAGE & herb/healing potion consumption: A ranger will have a 25% RT reduction when consuming any healing herb or potion, sensing room conditions, or attempting to forage while under the effects of the Aspect of the Yierka. Training in Spiritual Lore, Blessings increases this benefit by an additional 3% RT reduction at 1 rank with a maximum of an additional 39% RT reduction at 91 ranks.

Web (118) modifier: While the Aspect of the Spider is active, casts of the Web (118) spell are made more potent. When attempting to web an individual, the Target Defense (TD) of the target is reduced by 50, as opposed to the standard 25. When casting an area web, its duration and snare charges are both doubled. These benefits are not modified by lore training.

Animal Companion Bonus
If the ranger assumes an aspect that is of the same category as his Animal Companion, he will receive an additional bonus while the effects of the aspect are active. This benefit pertains to Animal Companions that are of the same category (canine, feline, avian, and rodent), but not necessarily to the same species as the Wolf, Jackal, Lion, Panther, Owl, Hawk, Rat, and Porcupine aspects.

The ranger is able to channel the spirits of nature for 10 minutes at a 50 Mana Point (MP) cost by INCANTing or PREParing and CASTing 650. During this window, he can ASSUME any number of aspects, but no individual aspect may be put to use more than once in a 4-minute span. If uninterrupted, the benefits of any given aspect will last for 2 minutes.

After the initial cast, the first aspect can be assumed for no mana cost. Subsequent aspects can be utilized at a cost of 25 mana.

PREParing and CASTing or INCANTing Assume Aspect again will refresh the 10 minute connection to the spirits of nature at a cost of 50 MPs.

Features & Favorites
Rangers may assume appropriate features of their current chosen aspect as well. ASSUME SHIFT toggles the ability to assume the aspect's features.

In order to set a default aspect for the initial cast of the spell, use the ASSUME STORE command. ASSUME STORE CLEAR will clear the default aspect.


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