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Notes on Animal Companion
GM Dimigor


The Animal Companion (AC), Ranger Spell 630 was first spoken of on a bus ride to the Picnic at SimuCon 2 (1997). As it was raining and we didn't want to get off the bus, we little rangers cornered Banthis about the idea. At SimuCon98 GM Pentar announced AC would be a ranger skill/spell or some other obtainable trait that rangers would have. Shortly after that I became a GM working under Pentar where I would have the chance develop ranger skills and abilities that makeup the ranger.

Since then a lot in GemStone IV has changed but the goal to give rangers AC hasn't. So I am excited to bring you AC, as it is today and where it will evolve to tomorrow.
I would like to give a well deserved personal thanks to GM Uska who practically took this from the ground up with only a brief document and some notes from me on what AC should be and turned it into an incredible item. Without him, AC would still be in the dark ages. Also I would like to give thanks to GM's Altiron and Despil who added some bells and whistles to AC and made them work better and allowed them to be more robust overall. Thanks Guys.

- GM Dimigor


1. The player must be a ranger.
2. Must have at least ranger spell rank of 30.
3. Have to be outside.
4. Other requirements are out there, but are left for you to find out.

Initial Calling

1. The player has to first meet the base requirements and then finds a locale where animals that are agreeable to becoming companions are known to lurk. The ranger then using his SENSEs checks for positive indications of the animals' presence. If the signs are favorable then you can proceed in your endeavor.

2. After your SENSEs tell you an amiable creature is about you PREP 630 and then you can either SUMMON <companion noun> selecting a desired companion or SUMMON COMPANION, which will give you a random companion from that area. Each room will usually have a different companion in there.

3. Don't be surprised if you call a specific companion and another one comes. Without sufficient training your call may be ignored by the animal you desire but another lurking about may come in its place. You may be DISMISsive of that other one but don't mistreat is as it has feelings too.

Return Calling

After your initial calling then whenever you want your companion to rejoin you once you take up the adventure once more, just PREP 630 and CAST and your companion should come to your side. It may take awhile as what you want isn't necessarily a priority for them. Owners of cats will understand.

Acquiring Your Companion

1. If you have been lucky enough to get a companion to come when you requested it, then you will have to bond with it. To do that you have to show it affection like any other animal in order to gain its trust. How this is done is fairly simple but is left for the adventurer to discover.

2. After a short time if you don't bond with the companion it will leave you and you will be penalized for some time. Do not fret as this is not permanent and you can attempt to gain the trust of another in a short while.

3. If you feel that you have gained its trust, its advisable to try and befriend it. BEFRIEND <companion noun> will bond you and the companion together such that the link between the two of you is nye unto unbreakable.

4. This is a bond that will rise and fall; you can't neglect your companion and expect it to be there for you when you are down on your luck. Treat your companion well and he/she will serve well.

List of Tell commands and Explanations


List of Actions:

ATTACK <player|creature> CEASE
SIT TRACK <player>
STAY NUDGE <object> <direction> (Non-Avian)
SLEEP MESSAGE <player> <message> (Avian)
WANDER DRAG <player> <direction> (Canine & Feline)
SCOUT <direction-ward>
LAND (Avian)

ATTACK <player|creature>:
This will request your companion to engage a beast or player. If the ranger leaves the room or if the target dies, the companion will cease the battle,.

This will let the companion know that you desire it to sit down.

Requests the companion to stay where it currently is located.

Will give your companion some well-deserved rest.

Basically giving your companion the freedom to wander about the area

Brings your companion to your side.

This will have your companion looking for food if it's around.

This will send the companion away until you cast it again. It should appear as it left your side.

Ex: tell companion to scout northward
Sends your companion forth in a certain area to scout the surroundings and its inhabitants.

This will stop all commands that you have given to the companion, such as telling it to wander then stopping it.

Requests your companion to locate a player, certain restrictions are involved with this as companions dislike to venture into some areas or to far from your side.

For all companions that don't fly, this allows them to propel various objects about by applying a modicum of nose-power.

The flying companions can deliver messages to others adventurers. There are restrictions to what the companion can deliver. Beware what you write, most of the more intelligent companions have a slight understanding of the written word.

The canine and feline companions will frolic about with corpses if asked politely. This allows you to ask them to drag the stiffs in certain directions.

This requests your companion to shield you when you are in need of some help.

Requests your companion to stand up.

Requests your avian companion to get airborne. Hooyah!

What goes up must come down. Use this to request your avian companion to land.

Healing and Feeding

A ranger may use the proper healing herb or potion on their companion and it will heal the appropriate wound. Companions will only let their Ranger, or someone in their Ranger’s group, feed or heal them. Only the Ranger will see the link messaging when they feed their companion.


Mistreating the companion may result in your companion leaving you or having a long time before you are able to summon another one to your side.


Each companion type has one or more unique abilities or skills that set it off. Some are obvious but one main one isn't and is left for discovery by those who adventure.




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