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Other Societies - CoL

"The Council of Light? Uncle CoL? Many whisperings are heard about this society, if in fact it is even a society at all. Accounts continuously arise from people who've encountered everything from overheard code words to tales of strange encounters with its members.

It's said to be a secret society, and little is known about this possible non-existent entity. Incautious adventurers who ask too many questions are said to be "taken care of" permanently. While obviously nonsense, it still should be stated that the reports of such events often arise.

Lately, in fact, rumors have abounded about strongarm tactics and open displays of aggression. Of course, these are all rumors. In fact, I shouldn't be spreading them. It's all ficticious. Of course there's no CoL. Forget what I just said. I was joking about the whole thing. Heh heh, erm...heh."

-- Lord Grindoll Hevucita

Simutronics Corporation

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