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Elanthian Societies

What Is A Society?

Societies are groups that operate within Elanthia that are often formed with a singular purpose in mind (Voln for instance, is focused on releasing trapped souls from undead creatures) and grant special abilities to its members. Typically there is also an advancement mechanism in place, allowing a player to move up the ranks to bigger and better abilities. A player may choose to join a society one he or she meets the requirements to join.

Unlike Houses, societies are not officially run by players. While players within societies may hold high positions, they are not ultimately in charge of the society, usually answering to a society leader.

Current Societies

The Order of Voln
Lesser god and immortal Lord Voln has pledged himself to the release of every soul enslaved by Luukos. With the help of the Lords and Ladies of Liabo, Voln's society has taught many adventurers great skills and powers in their battle against the undead.

While it is unkown whether this is even an actual society, rumors of its existence are plentiful enough to warrant explanation.



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