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Roleplaying Awards

The Adventurer's Perspective · Roleplaying Awards Explained

The Adventurer's Perspective

In the course of growth and gaining skills, many adventurers learn at a different rate than the norm. Some are slower to absorb what they learn from combat and from other experiences in life, others will gain insight far more rapidly then the norm.

From time to time, those who truly are immersed in their own sense of "self" and who project this sense onto others, gain unusual or extraordinary flashes of insight into their experiences.

This allows them to progress much faster than average in converting what they have learned into practical knowledge and utility. This conversion into what the mundane call "experience" can rise to a rate double that of normal or, in extraordinary cases, even triple or higher while their burst of insight lasts.

These bursts of insight are known to last for several hours and then to fade away or decay as one's perception of "self" returns to normal. Though cases have been reported of these massive bursts of insight lingering for long periods of time by the truly gifted.

No guaranteed pattern of behavior has been found to trigger these bursts of insight and no one can truly say when one may receive such a blessing. All that can reliably be told is that a consistent pattern of behavior seems most important to gaining such insights.

That is, no matter what or who you are, striving to be a very realistic and believable version of yourself seems the surest route to gaining additional insight and growth potential. Immersing yourself into the lands of Elanthia and tying yourself strongly to its cultures and peoples seems to increase the chances of obtaining heightened insight.

Sages, upon consultation, have said that these gifts derive from either some form of sentient Elemental energy that manifests itself onto the life patterns of thinking beings, or to indirect actions of the Gods who wish to reward those who seek to reach full realization of their life in this world. No one knows for certain where or when these gifts will occur. It is only known that they do and that for those who are wise enough to seek them out and to use them properly, amazing advances in knowledge and in the sheer quickness with which they can rise to a higher level of training in their chosen fields can be forthcoming.

Roleplaying Awards Explained

GameMasters are continually on the lookout for instances of good roleplaying. If someone is observed roleplaying well, the GameMaster may give an immediate award of fame and experience, as well as a multiplier which will affect all fame and experience absorbed for the next several hours. The better and more consistent your roleplaying, the more likely you are to be observed, and the higher the multiplier which will be awarded. Multipliers decrease naturally over time -- a low multiplier may only last for one hour, but higher multipliers can last for several hours.

The duration of a multiplier will only be decremented while it has an effect on your field experience. In other words, if you wish to roleplay in town while your mind is "clear as a bell," this will have no effect on the multiplier's duration -- the timer only counts down while you actually have some experience to absorb.

If you choose not to roleplay, or to be out of character, this will never have a negative effect on your experience or fame -- you will continue to earn and absorb experience at the normal rate. Roleplaying experience and multipliers are only intended as a bonus for good roleplayers, and not as a requirement for play. However, If you do have a multiplier then "out of character" behavior may result in the loss of this multiplier and your return to a "normal" rate of experience absorption.

It is understood that there are times when it is necessary to discuss things in an "out of character" manner, such as when explaining combat and/or spell techniques to a new player. Therefore, GameMasters will use judgment in such situations, and will not generally clear a multiplier for this type of behavior. If, however, your character is faced with an extremely out of character situation, and yet still manages to roleplay well under the circumstances, this can lead to an even higher award than usual.

Occasionally, a player will recieve a roleplaying award when, to their perspective, they were doing nothing at all. Though many roleplaying awards are given 'on the spot' some are simply noted and awarded at a later date and time.

GameMasters do have limits to their time and attention, so just because you are roleplaying well in a particular instance, this is no guarantee that you will be observed and/or awarded. But all GameMasters are on the lookout for good roleplayers, and eventually everyone is observed. The best way to be assured of an award is simply to roleplay consistently, no matter what the situation. Do your best, and you will reap the benefits.


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