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The true origins of the Erithians are shrouded in mystery and magic. What is known for certain is that their recorded history on Elanthia began about fifteen hundred years ago, ca. 3600 of the Modern Era. The journals of that time relate that a small population of their people was somehow transported to this world through some great magic, of which the details are unknown. Their legends say that they were placed here by the Arkati - commonly by Fash'lo'nae himself - either intentionally or through some divine shifting of the planes; though many, considering the powerful sorcerers and wise mages of their people, insist that it was through some powerful mortal magic, either intentional or accidental. In more recent times, some more practical Erithian thinkers have theorized that perhaps they are some distant cousin of Elves, long separated from the main bloodlines, who settled in the mountains many ages ago and, for some unknown reason, were nearly exterminated and chose to destroy their past history and shroud it in legends of magic and divine intervention. Perhaps there is some basis in fact to the opinion of some that they were put here by the Gods, but the true story of their origins will probably never be known.

The Erithi are slightly taller and thinner than humans, (about 5'6" to 6'6") with slightly pointed ears and almond-shaped eyes, usually with somewhat vertically 'slitted' rather than completely round pupils. They are not as lithe and quick as elves, though many believe them to be related to elves and those with no knowledge of their race often assume them to be somewhat odd-looking half-elves. They are neither muscular nor fast, but are hardy and deceptively tough, and resistant to damage and extremes in weather. They live about 300 years on average, far longer than humans but much less than the elves. Erithians have overall light coloration, ranging from nearly translucent pale white skin to almost any shade of fair - rosy, alabaster, ashen, sallow, even slightly tanned, but never dark. Their hair is also light colored - never darker than a steely grey or titian, and usually lighter - and commonly silver, white or grey even in youth. Both genders are often balding or with just a fringe of hair, males more commonly, though they are rarely completely bald - high foreheads or a fringe of hair worn long are more common. Their eye color ranges from nearly crystal-clear to medium brown, often shades of grey, blue, green, or golden, and again, never dark.

Famous Erithian: Ertaia Selem, Tirathi & Eliko Atelecha

Did you know? Many believe Erithians to be related to Elves. In fact, those with no knowledge of their race may assume they are rather odd-looking half-elves. While there are many diverse opinions, the origin of Erithians is, however, unknown.

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