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Sylvankind Cultures

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Sylvankind spring from the same roots as the Elves, but they chose a different path. As the Elves moved from their forests to build the Seven Cities, some stayed behind. These are the Sylvans. The Sylvankind care little for the world outside their forests. For them, the forests are the world. They retain a love and closeness to the land that approaches unity.

Having a hierophant governing system, it is natural that the Sylvans would utilize a diplomatic system to designate divisions, or groups, among their populace. Their "D'ahranals" can be compared to Guilds elsewhere.

It should be noted that many Sylvans not only are great archers and warriors, but fine artisans and civic leaders as well. The decision of which D'ahranal a child is invited to join falls to the child and his/her patron. Generally, the child will join the D'ahranal of her patron, and in fact the patron is found based on the child's foremost interest. However, as a child grows, interests sometimes change; in that case, the Patron (pronounced pae-TRON) helps the youth choose the appropriate D'ahranal and usually also finds a mature guide within it to direct the youth's development. On a youth's 'coming of age' day, a ceremony is held to induct them into their new D'ahranal. They remain a part of it for the rest of their life, and the membership bonds are held to be as important as that of family.

There are four known D'ahranals:

Kytawa (KEE-ta-wa) D'ahranal

This is a group of Sylvans whose talents suit them for leadership or public service roles. Most of the population's leaders, called Councilors, are numbered among this group, however the governing body does number some Artisans among them as well, mostly in an Advisory role. The symbol of this group is a pelican.

Fresiawn (FREE-si-awn) D'ahranal

This is a group that includes architects, artisans, craftsmen, musicians and artists, as well as cooks, brewers and anything that pertains to the creation of something. At the top of this group are those associated with Arts & Sciences, a calling much esteemed among the Sylvans. Their symbol is a doe.

Tyesteron (ty-ESS-ter-on) D'ahranal

This group includes all those who specialize in physical and magical martial arts. It includes the great number of superb archers among the Sylvans, as well as warriors and magic-users. The group serves as protectors of the homeland as well as hunters who bring in game to feed the tree-cities. They are known for the mithril or silver linked belt and armband they wear, rather than a particular symbol. Additionally, the archers among the group form a subgroup called Ki'Tyesterons (pronounced KEE), and will have the image of an arrow incised upon the armband. This group might also wear other arrow-themed ornaments. It is not uncommon for a particularly gifted weapon/armor maker or fletcher to be made an honorary Tyesteron, even though the artisan is also a member of the Fresiawns.

Lassaran (LAS-sa-ran) D'ahranal

The last group is really a conglomerate group of all three of the others. The main distinction of these Sylvans is that they have gone against normal tendencies and left the Homeland, to wander the world among other races, beyond the protection of the great trees. The symbol of these Sylvans is a hawk.

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