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Human Cultures

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The Human cultures are as diverse as those of any other race, though perhaps they fall more completely along geographical and political lines than any other. While all Human groups are agrarian in nature, many are known for specialization in various crafts (shipbuilding, weaving, art, books, armoring and weapon-smithing, gem-cutting, mining, woodcutting, etc.) In general, the resources available in each location played a large part in each culture's specialization.

The Tehir Tribes

The Tehir are a nomadic people of a tribal culture that dwell within the Sea of Fire, a great desert within the Turamzzyrian Empire, where they have adapted to the extremely harsh environment.

The Tehir are constantly fighting with the Turamzzyrian Empire over the copper mines found within the Sea of Fire. The Tehir hit-and-run tactics coupled with the harsh environment make them a difficult enemy for the empire to defeat. On the other hand, the Tehir are unable to drive the outlanders from the mines, and often their raids are ineffective against the well-guarded imperial caravans.

An extended discussion of the Tehir culture is available here.

Other Human Cultures

Location Ruling House Cities Direction
Duchy of Selanthia Anodheles Tamzyrr West
Duchy of Aldora Chandrennin Elstreth South
Earldom of Chastonia Kestrel The Swale South
Earldom of Honneland Feurstein Immuron East
Earldom of Estoria Hurrst Idolone South
Earldom S. Hendor Weirlund Waterford, Nydds North
Earldom N. Hendor Jovery Lolle North
County of Allace Calquinor Ubl South
County of Trauntor Greythane Brantur, Barrett's Gorge East
County of Seareach Tramini Brisker's Cove, Phannus North
County of Torre Claybourne Fairport, River's Rest West
Barony of Jantalar Hochstib Jantalar, Talador North
Barony of Talador
(Now Jantalar)
Hochstib Talador North
Barony of Mestanir Chydenar Mestanir North
Barony of Bourth Caulfield Krestle, Gallardshold East
Barony of Vornavis Malwind Vornavis/Solhaven North
Barony of Highmount Hammarskal Maelligh, Kragsfell East
Barony of Oire Villaunne New Myssar West
Barony of Riverwood Helt Helt North
Barony of Dragach McGarry Connedale, Krinklehorn East

See also: Human Guide, History of the Turamzzyrian Empire, History of Elanthia, A Guide to the Turamzzyrian Empire

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