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Halfling Cultures

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Although Halflings are most known for their peaceful, agrarian societies, not all Halflings are so content to stay at home, and many find interests other than farming.

Mhoragian Halflings

The Mhoragian Halfing originated from the most northerly region of the steppes of eastern Elanthian continent. In general, these Halflings are hunter/gatherers and live nomadic lifestyles.

Brughan Halflings

The Brughan Halflings originally crossed the steppes and settled around the shores of a large, freshwater lake they called Khesta 'Dahl (the name meaning Sister of the Mists). These Halflings tend to specialize in hunting and fishing as well as limited farming.

Malghava Halflings

The Malghava Halflings settled along the northern border of the forests, in an area of emerald, rolling hills and plains alternating with thick, deciduous forests that they called the Shirelands. They lived a predominately settled, agrarian lifestyle.

Paradis Halflings

The Paradis Halflings split off from the original three groups following the Despana wars, and migrated around the tip of the DragonSpine Mountains, eventually settling in the Icemule Trace region. The name translates roughly as 'the Homeless'.

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