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Half-Krolvin Cultures

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The Gob'tak Klinast

This klinast was the largest and most power-hungry of the klinastes from the day of its inception. This is not surprising, as this is the klinast that attracts those of a militant or violent bent. Since Krintaur’s breeding program was aimed at developing a private army, it naturally favored able fighters with strong muscles and quick reflexes. These attributes were encouraged and strengthened through the selective breeding and the result is that the most common natural skills of a Half-Krolvin of this background are of a martial nature. The members of the Gob’tak klinast are most inclined to taking training as a warrior or a rogue, and very occasionally a paladin. The Gob’tak have a simple, stylized sword as the mark of their klinast.

The Rafi'kaes Klinast

The seafaring klinast – the wanderers and explorers. This klinast has the loosest affiliations of all the klinastes as it is composed of those individuals with a deep bond with the natural environment – the icy land or the nearly freezing ocean waters. As a result of their Krolvin blood, many of the Half-Krolvin benefit from a partial immunity to the rigors of their cold home – those who belong to Rafi’kaes are the ones who enjoy this advantage to the utmost. Since most of its members prefer to be off exploring new shores or sailing the distant seas, this klinast never gained much power or even a large following. The most common training of Rafi’kaes members are martial skills, the training of a ranger, or, very
occasionally, an elemental magic user. The Rafi’kaes have a stylized wave as their symbol.

The Hos'tau Klinast

This klinast houses those with the inclination to learn the magical skills. Primarily the members are inclined toward elemental magic, but occasionally there are some that work with more of the facets of magic that just the elemental. Members of this klinast are the most inclined to seek privacy and as a result they do not have a very tight knit relationship within the klinast. Rangers, wizards, and sorcerers (and the extremely rare savant) are most commonly found within this klinast. The symbol of this klinast is a starburst.

The Lar'toth Klinast

Builders, crafters and those of more artistic temperament formed the klinast Lar’toth. This group is the one the others turn to when new buildings and outposts need to be built. The klinast Lar’toth is regarded with a strange mixture of respect for their abilities mixed with disdain for their distinctly non-violent interests. This klinast can draw members of any profession who feel a stronger calling for a craft than for any other activity. This klinast is generally home to those of the Half-Krolvin with the most native intelligence. The symbol of the Lar’toth klinast is a square enclosed by a circle, with each corner of the square meeting the circumference of the circle.

The Swu'lin Klinast

Swu’lin klinast is the smallest of the Half-Krolvin klinastes. It is comprised of those who feel drawn to helping others or who have a spiritual calling of some sort. Most commonly the spiritual influences are either martial or nature-devoted. Empaths, clerics, monks and the occasional paladin, ranger or bard can claim allegiance to the Swu’lin klinast. This klinast’s symbol is a stylized leaf.

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