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Half-Elf Cultures (Lack of)

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Half-elves are simply the result of the union between an Elf and a Human and have no unique cultural alliances beyond those of their parents. They are treated with some disdain by Humans, however, and quite a bit of distaste by Elves (both light and dark) since they are not of pure Elven blood. They'd certainly have better familial prospects in the Human Empire, as most Elves wouldn't have much to do with a Half-elf.

Those Half-elves who are lucky enough to be born outside both of the Human and Elven Empires may enjoy a childhood with more dignity, however, it is important to remember that there are generally no more than one consecutive generation of Half-elves in a family. (Half-elves in Elanthia are rare and if, for instance, a Half-elf joins with a Human, their offspring would be three quarters Human and one quarter Elf. Such a child would probably be considered a human.) There is little opportunity for the development of a true Half-elven culture. Instead, most live as a pariah within the Human or Elven cultures.

Players of Half-elves may choose for their character to be a pariah of any of the Human cultures, as well as any of the Elven Houses (including Faendryl.)

pariah of Ta'Vaalor The Vaalor elves are intolerant of half-elves and may often react violently in their distate at the mixing of human and elven races.
pariah of Ta'Nalfein The Nalfein as a culture look upon half-elves as tools to achieve their own ends.
pariah of Ta'Ardenai The Ardenai elves often serve as emissaries to other races. As a result, their tolerance of half-elves is higher than most elves.
pariah of Ta'Loenthra The Loenthra elves have little esteem for the "lesser" races, including elves who have been poluted with inferior human blood.
pariah of Ta'Illistim Similar to the Ardenai, the Illistim Elves are more tolerant of half-elves. This is largely due to the scholarly traditions that pervade the culture. None-the-less, as with the Aredanai, half-elves remain second class citizens.
pariah of Ta'Faendryl The Faendryl have no tolerance for half-elves. Most half-elves born in Faendryl culture are killed upon birth, making half-elven Faendryl very rare.
pariah of Selanthia Humans do not discriminate between Elves. Elves are elves whether they are Faendryl or Ardenai or half-human. None are looked upon favorably. In fact, discrimination against the elves is codified into human law.
pariah of Aldora
pariah of Chastonia
pariah of Honneland
pariah of Estoria
pariah of Hendor
pariah of Allace
pariah of Trauntor
pariah of Seareach
pariah of Torre
pariah of Jantalar
pariah of Talador
pariah of Mestanir
pariah of Bourth
pariah of Vornavis
pariah of Highmount
pariah of Oire
pariah of Riverwood
pariah of Dragach
Half-Sylvan As a whole the sylvankind are far more accepting of half-elves than any other related culture. While half-elves are unable to participate in certain aspects of the culture, they are not pariah.

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