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Forest Gnome Cultures

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The Basingstoke Bloodline:

The gnomes of Bloodline Basingstoke think of themselves as the original gnomes because they live more closely to ancient traditions than any other group. They tend to be conservative, therefore, and a bit haughty around others of their race. Basingstoke gnomes live deep in the woods, in compounds defended by ingenious pitfalls and snares; a semi-nomadic people, they move their compounds every three years. The Basingstokes have a strong emotional relationship to nature, which, because of their relative size and strength, they consider a rather more hostile than benevolent force. Most Basingstoke gnomes worship Imaera, and many of them choose to honor her in their life’s work.

The Greengair Bloodline:

The gnomes of Bloodline Greengair cultivate a balance with nature. Unlike their Basingstoke forebears, whom they liken to a plague of locusts, Greengair gnomes live in permanent compounds that resemble parks and gardens. Because of their fixed location, these gnomes have been known to tinker with the environment, seeking to maximize the yield of useful plants. Greengair alchemists also produce natural compounds that have the ability to modify (for better or worse) a person’s skills and characteristics. Many Greengair gnomes are vegetarian.

The Wendwillow Bloodline:

The gnomes of Bloodline Wendwillow never cease their wandering through the forests of Elanthia, though individual families halt their travels when they find a place that captures their hearts. Known for their hospitality and diplomacy, Wendwillow gnomes are easy-going and good-natured. They often stop their wayfaring to heal environmental damage from fire or flood, and many of them are drawn to the healing profession. Their fickle nature leads many of them to worship the goddess Zelia.

The Rosengift Bloodline:

The gnomes of Bloodline Rosengift believe that they have a mandate to subject the forests to gnomish rule. Descended from a group of rangers who hunted with poisoned arrows, Rosengift gnomes rarely follow any law but expediency and their own personal code. They take particular delight in violating the so-called “laws of nature” by cross-pollinating plants, breeding new varieties of animals, and tattooing their fitness-sculpted bodies. They delight in sporting contests and competitions of every kind, and they rarely find time or inclination to marry.

The Felcour Bloodline:

The gnomes of Bloodline Felcour worship V’Tull (the god of Combat and Bloodlust), and martial traditions define their cultural practice. They value honor and physical strength above other virtues. They mark every important decision with a blood oath, and they wear vicious scars as reminders of the oaths they have taken and fulfilled. In Felcour society, status is gained and lost through single combat against other gnomes or the beasts of the forest. Rarely will a Felcour gnome admit to following any profession but that of war.

The Angstholm Bloodline:

The gnomes of Bloodline Angstholm rarely leave their island fortress home, and when they do they are notoriously private and shy among strangers. They make acquaintance slowly, and even among their closest friends they say little about their homeland. Descended from Wendwillow survivors of a cataclysmic flood, the Angstholm gnomes remain dedicated to their founders’ pledge to tame the elements through the study of elemental magic. They have long been disdainful of the Arkati, whom they hold responsible for the flood; according to reports, many have turned away from the Arkati altogether to worship the elements directly.




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