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Dwarf Cultures

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Similar to the Elves and Humans, the Dwarves also founded an empire, though one more limited in scope. They did not challenge the other races control of the land, for the Dwarves were more interested in what was underneath it. They made their home in the mountains. There, they found gold, silver, mithril and other materials. The vast underground cities of the Dwarves were, however, little known to other races, for the Dwarves allowed few to enter and see their riches.

The Dwarves were split into many clans, each dwelling in a range of hills or mountains. Ruling over all was the line of Khazi Khazar, who founded the greatest of the Dwarven holdings, the city of Kalaza. His line served as the Dwarven Overking for thousands of years. Little is known of most of these years, as the Dwarves do not offer their history freely. Most of this history, however, involves their never-ending war with the other mountain-dwellers, the orcs. The Dwarves have been battling orcs, and their larger thralls, the trolls, for generations.


The Khanshael began as enslaved dwarves to the Dhe'nar elves. However, after service to the elves over thousands of years, the line between master and servant has blurred. These days, in times of war, dark dwarves have been seen fighting along side the Dhe'nar. Nothing is as frightening to a war force as a field full of dark dwarves with heavy hammers in hand.

All in all, the dark dwarves are one of the few examples of a sub-culture that has risen, through its own talents and productivity, from the class of slave to that of valued merchant class. In Dhe'nar society, to harm a dark Dwarven artisan is an offense punishable by death. To the Dhe'nar, these are a protected people who serve them. In return for that service the Dhe'nar protect and shelter them.

Other Dwarven Clans

Dwarven Name Specialization Primary Location
Grevnek Clan General Mining Zul Logoth
Krenlumtrek Clan Lumbering Zhindel Post*
Greetok Clan Gem Cutting Greetok§
Toktrog Clan Trailsmiths (No Specific Town)
Roramnoak Clan Trading Khazar's Hold*
Zul Roram
Zul Brechinzm†
Krethuum Clan Rolton Raising Vaslavia Meadows*
Ralgrenek Clan Vegetation and Toadstool Farmers (No Specific Town)
Gotronek Clan Stone Masons Rockmelderam
Oltregek Clan Gem Miners Kherram Olt Dzu§
Egrentek Clan Silver Miners Zul Zybrano†
Parkshnuum Clan Iron Miners Eregendo Dzu
Parshillam Dzu†
Mordrakam Clan Invar Miners Mordram
Grenroa Clan Tunnel Miners Chiostolis
Kikthuum Clan Water Channelers Lake Jostallim
Gulroten Clan Atmospherics Bortrazo's Canyon*
Zul Golorot
Sharznekgren Clan Silversmithing Zul Sharzen*
Schneckgren Clan Goldsmiths Ghareschnek*
Mithrenek Clan Mithrilsmiths Mithgrek
Ragnak Clan General Construction Kragnek Dzu*
Kazunel Clan Weaponsmiths Gezunel
Reznek Clan Armorsmiths Grentok
Smaelton Clan Smelters Eregrek

* Town is not underground.
§ Town is near Roska-Tor
† Town is under the Human Empire

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