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Aelotoi Cultures

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The Mrae'ni:

The smallest of the three Aelotoi clans, members of this group lived scattered among the mining camps of the old Aelotoi homeworld. The Mrae'ni worked primarily underground as healers and performing minor magics to aid their people in enduring their slavery under kiramon rule, and thus their interests have evolved towards the mind. In their new home on Elanthia, they are actively pursuing the craft of healing, knowledge of plants, animals, and all things magical. The Mrae'ni are highly interested in all the elves are willing to teach them on these intellectual subjects.

The Vaer'sah:

This group of Aelotoi are refugees from the roving colony of slave workers that the kiramon employed to scour their old homeworld's surface for potential mining sites. Because they had somewhat more freedom than the other two clans as they roved the planet's surface, individuals within this group are also among the most resourceful and forward-thinking of their race. Because of their background, the members of this clan are most interested of the Aelotoi in pursuits such as tracking and stealth, but are
not above lifting the occasional purse. The Vaer'sah have taken to wandering the continent of Elanith, much as they did their old homeworld.

The Gaeh'deh:

The Gaeh'deh are revered by the other Aelotoi clans, for they bore the brunt of the physical labor demanded by their kiramon masters. Spread among all the mining sites across their home planet, the Gaeh'deh did the hard labor required to extract the metals, minerals, and other natural resources the kiramon demanded. Any Gaeh'deh would nearly always volunteer to take punishments in a Mrae'ni clan member's stead, to spare those selfless caregivers additional torment. The Gaeh'deh have, by virtue of their labors, become the warriors among the Aelotoi. They are most interested in learning all they can about the weapons and combat styles of their new home on Elanith, but still hover protectively near
the members of Mrae'ni.

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