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The Warrior Guild

As Warriors advance, they find that their road becomes more challenging. In order to bring Warriors together and give them a cohesive group to share ideas, development techniques and training, the Warrior Guild was formed.

The Warrior Guild in Wehnimer's Landing is on the North Ring Road and is presided over by Head Guildmaster Bertrandt.

In Icemule Trace, the Warrior Guild is located just south of the west gate on the Lager Street cul-de-sac under the care of Head Guildmaster Vlazlo.

Head Guildmaster Alyssa oversees the Warrior's Guild of Ta'Vaalor, which is located just east of Victory Court.

Joining the Guild
Warriors receive an invitation to join the guild when they reach 15th level. The initiation fee is 10,500 silvers and monthly dues are 3500 silvers.
Guild Training

The Warrior Guild offers training in 6 areas:

Skill in which an attempt is made to disarm an opponent and leave them weaponless.

Skill in which the Warrior is taught to attack in a mad frenzy. The skill is also useful for bypassing the effects of a stun or escaping a sticky web.

Warrior Tricks
Trains different tricks ranging from juggling multiple weapons, polishing a weapon or shield or flipping and catching weapons. The tricks culminate in the ability to make custom sheaths.

A skill that teaches the Warrior to tackle or knock down opponents.

War Cries
A Warrior learns how to best use his voice for yells that produce various effects. Some effects include frightening opponents, inspiring allies and distracting an attacker.

Batter Barriers
The Warrior cannot always be concerned with obstacles like locked treasure chests or doors. Instead, with the Batter Barriers skill, the Warrior simply smashes things open.

Acquiring Skills

In order to acquire guild skills, the taskmaster must be approached and asked for training. The taskmaster will then assign a small task for to complete. Some tasks are skill specific, while other tasks are more of a clean-up detail designed to teach the Warrior heart humility and discipline.

Do not be surprised if when you ask to be trained in Warrior Tricks, you are assigned a task that involves trimming the hedges.

Each task completed takes the Warrior a step further in acquiring another rank in the skill he or she has selected.

Becoming a Guildmaster
To become a Guildmaster, a total of 125 ranks in guild skills must be acquired in addition to a nomination from 5 current Guildmasters. On becoming a Guildmaster the paying of dues is no longer required, however a presence in the guild each month is still a must. Also, Guildmasters may collect dues from other members of the guild, promote others, and nominate candidates for Guildmaster status. Those who have obtained 125 ranks and do not yet have Guildmaster status may still nominate others for Guildmaster.

The guilds of Elanthia are not for the antisocial. Training in certain skills may sometimes require the helpful hand of a friend or partner. The guild was created with this in mind, so those who seldom make friends or who prefer to be alone may find this path somewhat difficult.

Be patient!

Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy. The guild skills will seem hard at first. The ground duties, such as trimming the hedge, sweeping the floors, polishing armor, and wiping windows may seem silly. But keep in mind that each task is specifically designed to teach humility and respect for your skills.

Keeping a stout resolve and not giving up on training is a sure way for each guild member to reach Guildmaster status with the respect and admiration of his guildmates and friends.


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