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Where to Now?

The Order of Lorekeepers, affectionately dubbed "The Mentors," are a group of wise volunteers who are more than willing to help you on your way. The purpose of these agents is foremost to teach and spread wisdom, knowledge, and etiquette, and secondly to gather and record information for the order and prosperity.


The Mentors are the first line of Customer Support for GemStone IV, an organization devoted to assisting players with general questions or difficulties they may be having while playing the game. While they will not solve puzzles for other adventurers, they are well trained for providing information or guidance that might help you better understand how to play the game and interact with the world.

The Mentors have offices in Wehnimer's Landing, Ta'Vaalor, and Icemule Trace. You can use DIR silverwood to find the nearest Silverwood Manor in any of these three cities. When you're standing in the courtyard, type RING doorbell to call the attention of the Mentors. If any are available, they may take a few seconds or minutes to respond, but they will be there.


The GemStone IV Forums are an integral part of your learning experiences here in Elanthia. Hundreds of users frequent these forums on a daily basis, so they are a constant source of news and information.

New players will likely find useful information in the Help For Players category. This forum is geared toward general information about GemStone IV and Elanthia, and you may find answers to some of your burning questions therein.

The "So You Want to Be" topics in each profession category can help you in establishing yourself quickly in your given class. Topics covered include training and skill-based questions, which will help you optimize your character from a mechanical aspect.

Cooperative Houses of Elanthia and Meeting Hall Organizations

The Cooperative Houses of Elanthia (CHE) and Meeting Hall Organization (MHO) systems are excellent ways to meet other players for learning, roleplay, and friendship. Each house and Meeting Hall has its own agenda, and in concert they represent a myriad of different people and themes.

Cooperative Houses are a throwback to Elanthia’s past, and are often large manor houses that offer their members benefits in exchange for monthly fees. These bonuses include expanded locker space and access to private house areas. Most exist in Wehnimer's Landing, but scatterings exist in other towns like Ta'Vaalor, and Icemule Trace.

Meeting Hall Organizations are smaller, more current, and feature greater diversity in purposes and goals than do CHEs. As a player, you can be a member of a number of MHOs, but only a single CHE at a time.

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