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Early Adventuring

Once you have finished creating your character, you will be greeted by a friendly sprite. Depending on your choices, your adventure with the sprite may take you to treasure or tragedy!

The Sprite Quest

What Is This Thing, and Why Is It Following Me?

When your character steps out into Elanthia for the first time, you will notice that there is a sprite accompanying you. This peculiar little creature will guide you on a short series of quests aimed at familiarizing you with life in Elanthia. We recommend that new players complete the quest before moving along, as the sprite quest will answer many questions and provide you with a small amount of experience.

Spritely Rewards

As you move through the sprite quest, your answers will garner you different rewards. The plotline you choose may help you answer some questions about your character and what sort of person you want to be in Elanthia. Most of the moral decisions made within the sprite quest are clean-cut, easy choices, meant to accommodate a wide variety of players.


Once you have completed the quest, your sprite will offer to bring you to Silverwood Manor automatically, so you can speak with a Mentor. This is a good time to bring up any questions the quest brought to light. Once you are satisfied, now would be a great time to start exploring. Make use of the dir command to take yourself around town.

Starter towns like Wehnimer's Landing, Ta'Vaalor, and Icemule Trace are all inhabited by NPCs who will gladly employ new adventurers at simple, menial tasks like running messages or gathering water for guards. This is a great way to get to know your surroundings.

New In Town

Starting Cash

If you completed all of the tasks set before you by the sprite, you should have a bit of silver in your pocket. A decent set of gear was provided to you as soon as you came out of new character creation, so you should not have to purchase anything immediately at the local shops. You will also find that you have been loaned a small sum by the town you are in. One of the first stops you should make is to the local Debt Collector, who will gladly relieve you of this sum.

After paying off your debts, it would be wise to use dir bank to get to the nearest bank and deposit some of your hard-won earnings.

Earth Nodes

Commonly called nodes, earth nodes are places where the energies of Elanthia gather and collect. Characters resting at these places will find that they absorb experience more quickly, along with regaining mana, spirit, and health at an accelerated rate. It is advised that you rest at earth nodes between hunts.


Sanctuaries are magically protected havens where characters can do no violence to one another, and creatures will not travel except in extreme circumstances. As such, these are idyllic places to relax or catch a break from the cares of the day.

These gathering spots are also ideal locations to find services provided by other players, and are hotbeds for roleplay.

Wehnimer's Landing

Town Square Central is the cultural heart of Wehnimer's Landing, a sprawling plaza that encompasses the Town Well and the Small Park. A huge, ancient oak boasts a treehouse frequented by adventurers great and small.

Hearthstone Manor is an old estate just outside of the gates of Wehnimer's Landing. The steps are often frequented by the great and powerful. Characters must be at least level 20 to enter Hearthstone and partake of the secrets within, but the steps are open to all. This is a superb place to meet some of Elanthia's living legends.

Helga's Tavern is a seedy little bar in center of western Wehnimer's; its proprietor is as wide as she is ugly, but something about the atmosphere keeps bringing people back night after night.

Outside the Catacombs, you may find a few other new players who are actively engaged in taking out the local rat problem. This is a good locale for the inexperienced.

Icemule Trace

Town Center is dominated by the frozen statue of an enormous mule, which gives the town its name. Despite the cold, the hearts of people in Icemule are warm and welcoming to new adventurers.

The Voln Garden is a place of peace, and many healers and clerics have been known to stop by this place for a brief rest. If no healers are present in Town Center, they are probably in the Garden.


In Ta'Vaalor Victory Court is a huge courtyard built as a testament to the triumphs of the martial Vaalor elves. Now, in the twilight days of the Elven Empire, this bustling marketplace is a pleasant place to rest.

On the Road Again

Not every town is for everyone. If you find yourself unimpressed with your current town, you have the option of hiring a travel guide at the local travel office. Use DIR TRAVEL to get to the office. Each new player is given one free travel token, which should be in your inventory when you begin playing. This will allow you free access to any one of the towns available at your local travel guide.


Regardless of where you end up, it's likely that you'll eventually want to start hunting. You need not have an integral knowledge of the local terrain. Your local Adventurers' Guild DIR AG is run by battle-hardened combatants who will send you off on different missions that will pit you against fiends in a variety of quests. Unlike town jobs, Adventurers' Guild quests scale with your abilities, and can be completed all throughout the life of your character.

If you cannot find a creature you have been assigned to hunt, the Bestiary is a helpful place to start. Furthermore, you may wish to team up with another player and go exploring: after all, half the fun of questing is in the journey!

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