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Combat Maneuvers

Overview • Training • StaminaList

The CML system is based off of your training in the Combat Maneuvers (CM) skill in the Character Manager/Skill Migrator. When a player trains in the Combat Maneuvers skill, they earn Combat Maneuver Points (CMP) that can be applied towards learning the individual CML skills (1 rank of CM = 1 CMP). The CMAN command handles training in CML skills.

Once a player has some CMP to spend, he or she can use the CMAN LEARN option to begin learning a rank in an available CML skill (for a list of available CML skills, use the CMAN LIST option, for more information on an individual skill, use the CMAN HELP option or read below). Players can also choose to begin unlearning a CML skill by using the CMAN UNLEARN option. Unlearning a skill places points in the player's unlearned CMP pool that become available for reuse in your main CMP pool once the unlearning is complete.

CML Migration System

When a player decides to unlearn a rank in a CML skill, the rank is immediately removed and the related CMP is then placed in his or her unlearning points pool. The CML Migration System then periodically transfers CMP from the unlearning points pool to the learned points pool, where they can then be spent on other CML skills.

The rate at which these points transfer is based on the total number of CMP the player has converted within his or her current 30-day CMP migration cycle. If the player has converted less than 30 points, migration will proceed at a base rate of .375 CMP per hour (or 80 hours total to migrate a full 30 points). If the player has converted between 30 and 45 CMP in their current cycle, this conversion rate is halved. The conversion rate is reduced to 1/10 of its base when the player has converted more than 45 CMP.

Any new newly released CML skills will possess a 30-day testing period from their release date, where any CMP unlearned from them will be directly placed in the learned points pool (i.e. instantaneous point migration). Use of a FIXSKILLS will also automatically convert any unlearning points into learned points. Please note that players will not receive an additional FIXSKILLS for these releases.

CMP costs for the CML skills vary based on profession. Squares (Warriors, Monks, and Rogues) pay the base cost for any maneuver, Semis (Bards, Rangers, and Paladins) pay 1.5x the base cost (rounded down), while Pures (Wizards, Sorcerers, Clerics, Empaths) pay 2x the base cost. While some CML skills are open to all professions, many are restricted to certain professions in order to maintain a degree of class definition. Information on CMP costs and profession restrictions on specific maneuvers is available through the CMAN HELP option and are also provided below.

Certain skills may have other skills as a prerequisite (i.e. Shield Charge requires 2 ranks of Shield Bash). You cannot unlearn a skill that is being used as a prerequisite for another skill, until unlearning the other skill first. Skill prerequisites are available through CMAN HELP and below.

There is a cap on the cumulative amount of CMP you may spend on any one maneuver at your level plus one. For example, if you wish to train to rank 3 in Combat Movement and you are a warrior (for which the skill costs for ranks 1/2/3 are 2/3/4), you must be at least level 8 (2+3+4-1=8).

To view your CML training, use the CMAN INFO option. To view a list of all released maneuvers; use the CMAN LIST ALL option. To view released maneuvers by profession, use the CMAN LIST PROF <profession name> option. To use a specific maneuver, use CMAN <maneuver mnemonic>. All combat maneuvers are activated through the CMAN verb (guild skills will continue to be activated through their respective verbs).

Most CML skills are based on a five rank system (though some may have fewer ranks). With each rank, the player gains a further degree of effectiveness in a skill. The exact benefits for each rank are determined on a maneuver by maneuver basis. In general, however, the benefits of the ranks for the direct attack maneuvers conform to the following design principle:

Rank 1 - This level of skill implies a beginner. This rank exists primarily for players testing out new maneuvers. Using it against like-level opponents will be very difficult.

Rank 2 - This level of skill implies a dabbler. Succeeding against a like-level opponent still is fairly difficult, but somewhat more possible than Rank 1. This skill level is more suited to succeeding against opponents somewhat lower in level than the attacker.

Rank 3 - This level of skill implies an average degree of skill. Succeeding against like-level opponents will be likely, though still subject to some difficulty.

Rank 4 - This level of skill implies an above average degree of skill. Succeeding against like-level opponents is likely unless the player the injured or otherwise hindered. This level of skill will be able to penetrate a defender's stance more readily and will start be useable in some up-hunting situations.

Rank 5 - This level of skill implies mastery of the skill. Succeeding against like-level opponents is likely, unless the player is severely hindered. Defender stance at like-level is more easily penetrated and there exists an up-hunting ability. Mastered guild skills are considered to be placed at the top of this level.

It is not 100% necessary that players train to the maximum level in each skill for them to be useful. Many players may be content with Ranks 3-4, especially if they train heavily in the maneuver's skill requirements.

Most offensive maneuvers that bypass the AS/DS system use a standard maneuver roll. While the exact factors that play a part in equation are determined by the individual maneuver, the maneuver roll has a few general properties. First, training in the Combat Maneuvers skill plays a part in success rates. Players that train between 1x to 1.5x will generally experience the level of difficulty described above. Players that train significantly under 1x in CM will generally experience much greater difficulty invoking their maneuvers than described above. Players that train closer to 2x will experience a somewhat lesser level of difficulty than described above.

The importance that CM training plays in each offensive maneuver that uses the standard roll varies somewhat. Some maneuvers, like Shield Bash, also take into account Shield Use training in the place of some CM ranks. Others rely more heavily on CM training.

Other factors that are considered by the standard roll include: the relevant CML skill rank of both the attacker and the defender (usually the largest factor in the maneuver success rate), the degree of undertraining for the armor worn, injury level (specific injuries determined on a maneuver by maneuver basis), stance level of attacker and defender (also dependant on a specific maneuver), attacker and defender size/race (dependant on maneuver), CM training of defender (for players), physical nature of defender (for critters), and other modifiers specified by the individual maneuver.




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