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Combat Maneuvers
Stamina System

OverviewTraining • Stamina • List

The Stamina System provides a limiter on CML skill use much like the Mana System does for magic. Most maneuvers will have a set of stamina costs (available through CMAN HELP or this document) that will drain the user's stamina pool when activated. The stamina system has been designed with the intent of having players burn through stamina rapidly, but also regenerate rapidly.

The formula for your maximum stamina level is:

CON + ((STR + AGL + DIS)/3) + (Physical Fitness Skill Bonus / 3) [All fractions are dropped]

Stamina regeneration rates are based primarily on your Constitution (CON) bonus, with base rates (determined by CON) ranging from 20% regeneration per minute to 30% per minute. An additional bonus to stamina regeneration is applied to players resting in sitting/kneeling/prone positions without a weapon in their hand. Nodes have no effect on stamina regeneration. Additional bonuses to maximum stamina or stamina regeneration may be applied through the Enhancive Item system. You may view your current and maximum stamina levels through the STAMINA or HEALTH verbs.

If, during the course of maneuver activation, a player drops below zero stamina, they will suffer a temporary bout of stamina weakness (ten minutes). During this time period, the player will be unable to activate any maneuvers that require stamina. This weakness may be prematurely alleviated by a cast of Adrenal Surge (Empath spell 1107). Players at or below zero stamina will be unable to activate stamina draining maneuvers, regardless.

Some maneuvers have flat stamina costs, certain maneuvers have no stamina costs, but most have a somewhat variable cost. The most common basis on which stamina costs vary is CML rank of the user (i.e. a Rank 3 attack may cost 15 stamina, whereas a Rank 1 attack may only cost 10 stamina). The reason for this is to offset the lower success rates of a Rank 1 attack versus a higher CML rank attack. Stamina costs for each maneuver are available through CMAN HELP or below.




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