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Combat Maneuvers

Overview • TrainingStaminaList

The Combat Maneuver List (CML) system was created with a mind towards providing the physical aspect of combat with more features to enhance its enjoyability in a more attrition-based system. It offers a variety of attack and combat utility skills designed to augment and build upon a weapon user's existing abilities, with a focus on enhancing a player's existing abilities or placing an opponent at a disadvantage.

While the focus of the CML system is enhancing the user or hindering the opponent, it also offers a variety of direct damage attacks. Some of these attacks can be very powerful but high cost, others less powerful but more versatile. Some skills are geared to very specific training patterns, others are more general. Some skills can be dabbled in, others require some degree of dedication. It is hoped that there will be something that every physical character will want to train in, no matter how diverse their skill training may be.










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