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Current Houses of Elanthia
(last update: Tuesday, June 23, 2015)

  • House of the Arcane Masters
  • House of the Argent Aspis
  • Beacon Hall
  • House Brigatta
  • Helden Hall
  • Moonstone Abbey
  • Obsidian Tower
  • House of Paupers
  • House of the Rising Phoenix
  • Rone Academy
  • Silvergate Inn
  • House Sovyn
  • House Sylvanfair
  • Twilight Hall
  • White Haven
  • Willow Hall
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    House of the Arcane Masters

    A hunting and questing club.

    Visit the House of the Arcane Masters forums for more information!

    House of the Argent Aspis

    Promotes aid and guidance to the good citizens of Elanthia.

    Visit the House of the Argent Aspis forums for more information!

    Beacon Hall Archive

    The only Great House located within the town of River's Rest, Beacon Hall Archive is dedicated to serving the local community and residents. While providing the usual amenities of any Great House, Beacon Hall will act as a keeper of histories and lore specific to River's Rest as well as those pertaining to Elanthia in general.

    Visit the Beacon Hall Archive forums for more information!

    House Brigatta

    Amici Per Aevum - "friends through time" or "friends throughout eternity"

    Visit the House Brigatta forums for more information!

    Helden Hall

    "Honor, Strength and Loyalty"

    Visit the Helden Hall forums for more information!

    Moonstone Abbey

    Mission Statement: Moonstone Abbey - The only great house of Ta'Illistim - provides a safe haven to those wishing the freedom to follow individual religious or magical pathways. Utilizing the Abbey's rich history as the historical refuge of the Coven, its members seek to provide a safe dwelling and shelter for those in the pursuit of higher learning, historical study, magic or art while making significant contributions to both the spirit and atmosphere of Elanthia through role-play.

    "Our Refuge is Our Strength"

    Visit the Moonstone Abbey forums for more information!

    Obsidian Tower

    To foster the development, growth and roleplay of the Dhe'nar along with similarly associated cultures.

    Visit the Obsidian Tower forums for more information!

    House of Paupers

    House of Paupers has been established as a party house for its members' enjoyment and as such seeks to improve the lives of our members by providing a comfortable and fun home for their relaxation as well as entertainment for them and their guests.

    Fortis Imbibi - "Drink Deeply"

    Visit the House of Paupers forums for more information!

    House of the Rising Phoenix

    The House of the Rising Phoenix is dedicated to battling the Unlife and the forms of Chaos that seek to disrupt the order of the lands. We also seek to free the Undead from their eternal pain of undeath and return their souls to Lorminstra's waiting arms. Besides these, we are charged with maintaining and spreading the virtues and knowledge of the Lords of Liabo and their teachings, as well as upholding honor and the ways or righteousness that the Lords of Liabo seek to teach us as mortals.

    Visit the House of the Rising Phoenix forums for more information!

    Rone Academy

    Established to promote learning throughout the lands, by attempting to train residents of Elanthia in the knowledge of the realm. We dedicate time for the retelling of realm history, legends, and folklore of the many towns, cities, and outposts. We sponsor member and house organized events to achieve these goals. We work to unite those who would help, heal and protect under a common name. To provide a support system by banding together under a same cause, we strive to set a good example, teach others to use their skills, and offer friendship and camaraderie.

    Visit the Rone Academy forums for more information!

    Silvergate Inn

    Visit the Silvergate Inn forums for more information!

    House Sovyn

    The House of Sovyn has been established for the purpose of promoting the lawful goals of its membership as it may, from time to time, determine to be of mutual benefit. In addition, as when a sovyn clove is administered and restores lost limbs, so does House Sovyn tend to and restore health and life to those in need.

    Visit the House Sovyn forums for more information!

    House Sylvanfair

    House Sylvanfair is a group of citizens of Elanthia, dedicated to the promotion, education, and advancement of the young.

    Visit the House Sylvanfair forums for more information!

    Twilight Hall

    Twilight Hall serves as a safe haven for those who wish to study and practice magic. Our goal is to promote the greater understanding of the magical arts through education and example. We aim to provide a politically, religiously and racially neutral home to adventurers dedicated to the study of magic in Elanthia.

    Visit the Twilight Hall forums for more information!

    White Haven

    Fosters the peaceful and harmonious coexistence of all the citizens of Elanthia through a variety of lawful and civilized means.

    Visit the White Haven forums for more information!

    Willow Hall

    We are a hall dedicated to Rangerish ideals. The love of nature, the lore of living things. We recognize these ideals live within the hearts of all races, cultures and professions and welcome those who espouse these ideals to our abode. We seek to impart knowledge of our surroundings and lend our talents to those who seek to become proficient in our combined lores. We welcome diversity and endeavor to coexist with all nature and it's surroundings. We also dedicate ourselves to protecting the lands in which we roam.

    "First In, Last Out"

    Visit the Willow Hall forums for more information!

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