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Marsh Keep
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A veil of fog conceals a pathway that leads to the east. It winds through fens that local legend claims have some connection to Millah Pradapt, a tragic figure from the era of the great Citadel fortress. Beyond it lies a keep that rises above the marshes, perhaps the source of the evil that now inhabits much of the land north of Maelstrom Bay. Like rotting bread crumbs, the remains of soldiers lead the way to the keep as a reminder to those who once thought to remove its former inhabitant by force. Danger lurks within the fog and the keep's high stone walls, threatening to add to the number of those who have fallen victim to the rumored horrors that dwell beyond the fog.

Home Region: River's Rest

Indigenous Creatures: flesh golem, gaunt spectral servant, necrotic snake, rotting chimera, tomb troll and tomb troll necromancer.

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