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Black Moor
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Isolated and desolate, the Black Moor lies well beyond the well-marked paths of Sylvarraend. Travel to the area requires passage through the rough ravine that cuts through the Yegharren Plain like a giant wound in the landscape. Vegetation beyond the gash is rare and often shrivelled, while decaying ruins litter the area, resulting in a sickly, skeletal appearance that gives the Black Moor its name.

Home Region: Sylvarraend

Points of Interest: According to rumor, a gruesome shrine of bone lies deep in the moors, haunted by all manner of foul beasts.

Rumors: The remains of a great battle scar the landscape and it is said that the souls of its victims still haunt the land. Travellers are strongly encouraged to seek the aid of a cleric before venturing into this cursed and blackened land.

Indigenous Creatures: baesrukha, colossus vulture, vourkha, greater moor wight and barghest.

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