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The Citadel
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The Citadel area of River's Rest, once the seat of power prior to the coming of the krolvin and trolls, contains all the buildings necessary to support a working castle. Decaying perimeter walls once kept enemies at bay, and an elemental garden that still hosts flaming violets and vines, icy plants and unusually tinted roses still guards the walkway to the citadel drawbridge. The structures still in existence are mostly untouched and still possess the bodies and destruction of the strife that brought the area to its knees. Illicit experiments conducted in the last century have brought undead and other frightful creatures to the area, so amateur archaeologists are advised to use extreme caution when investigating the area. Horticulturists will not want to miss the untouched garden for Aeia, thriving with plants and said to be tended by a ghostly caretaker. The citadel itself, built of striking ebony-hued bricks, still contains the hallmarks of power wielded by the Council of Mages in the 41st century.

Home Region: River's Rest

Points of Interest: The Zoo, The Gardens, The Infirmary, The Armory, The Alchemist Shop, The Garrison.

Rumors: Legend states that a powerful magical force that hides deep beneath The Citadel was the true power behind its ability to hold the light of civilization high after the fall. However, each act of treachery, assassination and deceit that occurred within weakened the force and eventually led to its ruin.

Indigenous Creatures: brown spinner, crocodile, decaying Citadel guardsman, greater ghoul, mist wraith, mongrel kobold, monkey, night golem, blood eagle, zombie rolton, spectral warrior, ethereal mage apprentice, firephantom, ghost wolf, large ogre, bone golem, greater orc, grey orc, phantasmal bestial swordsman, putrefied Citadel herald, rotting Citadel arbalester and rotting krolvin pirate.

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