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Karazja Jungle
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Long before its descent to its current primitive state, River's Rest was a great city renowned for its art and architecture. The island itself could not contain its population and the city spilled across the Tempest River to the mainland. Civil and geological strife devastated the city; inexorable time has finished the work. South River's Rest has been overtaken by a formidable jungle. Creeping vines, humid air and local trolls have reduced the existing buildings and huts to ruins. The decaying remains of a formal garden and several larger buildings invite study, although the panthers and vipers frequenting the area can cut short any extended examination. Many of these structures have been defaced with unusual markings. Persistent travel through the northwestern portion of the jungle rewards an adventurer with a visit to a secluded lagoon and pristine beach.

Home Region: River's Rest

Points of Interest: The Stone Idol, The Emerald Lagoon

Rumors: Strange winds blowing through the area make travel risky. Adventurers are advised to regard with suspicion any saleman hawking maps of this area.

Indigenous Creatures: dark panther, jungle troll, jungle troll chieftain and tree viper.

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