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The Toadwort
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Near Ta'Vaalor's Annatto Gate lies an unlikely dream location for the horticulturist -- the Toadwort. Although the area contains most of the unpleasant hallmarks of a swamp, such as insects, fetid water and mud, it is also home to an impressive array of plant life, from swamp buttercups to jewelweeds to a variety of mangrove trees. The lush growth has attracted wildlife, as well, some of which can be dangerous if startled. The faint of heart will want to avoid the more sinister areas of the Toadwort, which are marked by corpses and mysterious bubbling liquids. Whether these previous visitors fell victim to foul play or unfortunate accident is not always apparent, and inquisitive explorers are advised to be on their guard.

Home Region: Ta'Vaalor

Points of Interest: The Lone Stone Bier, The Capsized Dory

Rumors: It's said that the swampy Toadwort used to boast a campsite for travelers, but where it is and whether it is still used is unknown. The undead may also have a foothold in this swampy area, but few have returned to tell about it.

Indigenous Creatures: darkwoode, water moccasin, Mistydeep siren, fanged goblin, fanged viper and bobcat.

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