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Troll Burial Grounds
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Uncovered during the visit of a troll dignitary to the people of Zul Logoth, this twisting ossuary bores deep into the Dragonspine and flows with bones and decay from eons of use. A phenomenon of lighting by swarms of fireflies allows one to view the black walled caverns, if they have no compunction about treading through a constantly shifting ivory sea of brutish remains. Guardians both living and dead bar safe exploration into the depths, though the crypt whispers of mysterious iniquity and untold treasures.

Home Region: Zul Logoth

Points of Interest: Formations mocking the natural growth of minerals grow throughout the canal of bones, inviting examination by the well-armored.

Rumors: The problem of corpse disposal has always plagued the mountain-dwelling clans, and they are known to go to extremes to see their dead settled properly. Rock trolls, however, have little compunction about stuffing their departed in a convenient crevice. In fact, they surely relished the atrocious side effects of mass burial, the spawning of undead from the miasma.

Indigenous Creatures: undertaker bat, troll wraith and rock troll zombie.

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