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Lunule Weald
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A wide swath of land breaking from swamp to hills to thick woodlands makes up the sprawling territory of Lunule Weald. At the heart of the forest the ruins of a religious settlement may be observed, the rubble of which bears silent testament to the failed attempt at civilization, and the ensuing massacre at the monks' own hands. Expedition reports from the holy site have been mostly incomprehensible, but frequently make note that the influence of insanity is far from subtle, and that the forest itself is protective of its secrets.

Home Region: Ta'Vaalor

Points of Interest: Within the root embrace of an ancient carved tree in Perish Glen is a shrine to the wild goddess Zelia. Those who seek her blessing may find it here, or find madness, if there is a difference.

Rumors: It is said the village deep within Felwood Grove was settled by Zelian monks in their pursuit of freedom from religious persecution, though the marks of violent insanity liberally evidenced throughout the wounded woods declare the foray a failure.

Indigenous Creatures: tree spirit and crazed zombie.

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