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Seethe Naedal
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Located high in the rocky foothills behind Ta'Illistim, Seethe Naedal is a hiker's dream come true. Accesible only via a rough hiking trail that winds its way up the thickly treed rocky crags, the upper lookout points are often only visited by intrepid rangers and other nature lovers. However, all travellers to Ta'Illistim should take in the splendid panaramic views of city and its lush home valley that Seethe Naedal offers.

Home Region: Ta'Illistim

Points of Interest: Observatory, Hot Springs, and Maernstrike Caverns.

Rumors: According to local lore, the hot springs nestled in the cracks of the foothills can cause even the weariest of souls to forget the burdens of everyday life and appreciate the simple joys of rest and relaxation.

Indigenous Creatures: kiramon worker and kiramon defender.

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