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Northern Mountains
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Situated halfway between the town of Icemule Trace and the Pinefar Trading Post, these alluring, yet dangerous, mountains have claimed many a trader's life. Beautiful arrangements of snow-covered rocks and frost-laden trees combine to give the surrounding wilderness an almost bewitching aura of tranquility. However, the snow-covered rocks conceal many loose footholds and the forests are home to many types of predatory wildlife. Adventurers who wish to return home in one piece would do well to keep their attentions focused.

Home Region: Pinefar

Rumors: A breathtaking vista is to found atop a cliff overlooking the rushing River Oblin. All aspiring sightseers should take special precautions when climbing this cliff, for the long fall down into the icy Oblin is not for those of weak constitution.

Indigenous Creatures: caribou, grizzly bear, snow crone, arctic wolverine and wolverine.

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