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Griffin's Keen
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Rising like fingers reaching into the sky high above Ta'Illistim are the four towering peaks of Griffen's Keen. Named for the monsterous flying beasts that call its icy slopes home, Griffen's Keen can safely be called one of the most dangerous places in all of Eastern Elanith. Icy footholds abound and have sent many an experienced rockclimber to their untimely demise. Those who manage to reach the peaks find little but angry griffins in their nests and the remains of those who came before them. Travel to this region is strongly discouraged for all but the most powerful of adventurers.

Home Region: Ta'Illistim

Points of Interest: Onyx Point, Ruby Point, Emerald Point, and Topaz Point.

Rumors: A strange magical field is said to exist amongst the peaks of Griffen's Keen. Magical wards fail often, suvivors say, and one should not depend on consistent magical protection when climbing the peaks.

Indigenous Creatures: lesser griffin, grifflet, storm griffin and yeti.

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