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Masked Hills
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Located at the edge of the lush valley of Ta'Illistim, the Masked Hills are a prime example of how the harsh and the pristine can coexist in beautiful natural harmony. At the base of the foothills, the lush Emerald Forest is budding with life and is a popular destination for hunters and gatherers of all types. Game animals and vegatation are abundant, and it is within a short distance from the safety of Ta'Illistim. Further up the foothills, the vegatation slowly gives way to the harsh beauty of the Gorget Trails, with its breath-taking views of the lush valley below and its glimpses of the majestically imposing rock spires of the upper mountains. These rock spires, pounded out of the mountains by the unceasing gales of the upper regions, are true testament to awesomely destructive, yet creative power of nature.

Home Region: Ta'Illistim

Points of Interest: Emerald Forest, Gorget Trails.

Rumors: Although the region is a testament to nature's power, a mysterious dark temple rumored to be located near the Masked Hills appears to draw visitors based on the all-too-mortal power of greed.

Indigenous Creatures: banded rattlesnake, bighorn sheep, emaciated hierophant, farlook, giant weasel, hunch-backed dogmatist, mountain goat, muscular supplicant, snow leopard and warthog.

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