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Miasmal Forest
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Fogs and mist shroud the Miasmal Forest in perpetual gloom, possibly due to magical damage that has occurred here in the past century. An old road that seems long abandoned cuts its way through part of the stunted trees of the forest, ending at a great oak that bears the corpses of many unfortunate victims. Surviving documents present in the area -- those in a more modern form of Common, that is -- indicate that Miasmal Forest was not always as unpleasant as it is today. Travelers in the region are advised to be wary of the mists, as it is quite easy to lose one's sense of direction when not on the main road.

Home Region: River's Rest

Points of Interest: The Hanging Tree, Oteska's Haven

Rumors: Strangely mutilated animal skulls are found throughout the region.

Indigenous Creatures: bog wraith, greater bog troll, greater moor wight, skeletal soldier, swamp hag, bog troll and lesser moor wight.

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