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Resting just outside and northwest of Solhaven, Marshtown is a conglomeration of boardwalks and barrel rafts. The land leading to the piers has been so softened by the nearby Cairnfang River that each step on the ground is a slippery and treacherous one. But that hasn't stopped enterprising townsfolk from building make shift paths and raft walkways to keep commerce flowing to and from the piers.

Home Region: Vornavis

Points of Interest: West Road, Noman's Land, Bog, Wooded Plains.

Rumors: Sailors here claim that the marsh hides marsh monsters that come out at night to steal your thoughts. Most of the locals claim that it's the ale that dulls their minds and not marsh monsters.

Indigenous Creatures: coyote, crocodile, cyclops, greater orc, kobold, mongrel kobold, panther, rotting woodsman, shelfae warlord, urgh, wood wight, shelfae soldier and shelfae chieftain.

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