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Krolvin Ship
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Krolvin have long made their presence known in the River's Rest region, dating back to the year 4058. As an example, a Krolvin-controlled caravel, using the convenience of the some sea caves, is permanently anchored near River's Rest. The ship boasts three masts and is fully outfitted for hauling cargo. Constantly manned by krolvins, it makes for dangerous exploration, but rewards the cautious with a fine example of ship building.

Home Region: River's Rest

Points of Interest: The Bowsprit, The Anchor Chain, The Purser's Office

Rumors: Krolvin have in the past used small invasions as a diversion to kidnap local citizens with plans to make them slaves. Supposedly, this ship shows evidence of being taken by force.

Indigenous Creatures: krolvin warfarer and krolvin warrior.

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