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Darkstone Castle
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Of infamous beginnings, Darkstone Castle represents the most dangerous area to be found in northwestern Elanith. Built by an evil sorcerer known as Estrion, the castle became a center for dark experiments resulting in the horrifying and deadly monstrosities that now inhabit the stronghold.

Home Region: Wehnimer's Landing

Points of Interest: Dark Caverns below the castle dungeons.

Rumors: Though Estrion was killed while attempting to destroy the known world his ghost is rumored to haunt the castle to this day. His partner Siarl escaped this fate.

Indigenous Creatures: banshee, massive troll king, centaur, lesser stone gargoyle, roa'ter, kiramon worker, kiramon defender, huge mein golem, Sheruvian harbinger, nightmare steed, stone gargoyle and stone sentinel.

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