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Old Mine Road
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Long abandoned by the original miners, the old mine road serves as the quickest route into the hills over Darkstone Bay. Well travelled by creatures and adventurers alike, it serves as a fine place to find new friends, comrades and even romance.

Home Region: Wehnimer's Landing

Points of Interest: Kobold Mine, Wolves Den, Troll Caves, Leya's Shrine, Aillidh Brae, and Luinne Bheinn.

Rumors: Amongst many abandoned mines in the area, word has it that one still offers a bit of ore for the industrious adventurer.

Indigenous Creatures: cave gnome, cave nipper, cave troll, cave worm, coyote, crystal golem, ghostly warrior, goblin, great boar, greater spider, grey orc, hill troll, humpbacked puma, kobold, krolvin mercenary, krolvin warfarer, lesser orc, manticore, mountain ogre, mountain rolton, reiver, spectre, striped warcat, thrak, troglodyte, veteran reiver, black bear, burly reiver and war troll.

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