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Cairnfang Forest
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The natural beauty of the Cairnfang Forest is well known. Travel through the forest has its dangers like any wild area but only for the young and foolish. Most of the really dangerous creatures have been driven clear due to the well established trails used by the Vornavis Caravansary used to link Solhaven with Wehnimer's Landing. Due take care to stay on the travelled paths, as much greater dangers lay not far off the roads in the deeper woods.

Home Region: Vornavis

Points of Interest: Tor Aganrahk, Stoneharrow Swale, Abandoned Village.

Rumors: Strange howling can sometimes be heard when the moons of Lornon and Liabo both shine high in the night skies.

Indigenous Creatures: hobgoblin, greater orc, zombie rolton, swamp troll, urgh, mist wraith, revenant, werebear, large ogre and spotted lynx.

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