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Foggy Valley
< Geographic Area

Greater dangers lurk in the shadowy mists of Foggy Valley, found in the southeastern corner of the Vornavian Coast. Few places can be said to offer such a variety of wild creatures. Keep your friends close when travelling in these parts.

Home Region: Vornavis

Points of Interest: Pine Forest, The Hills, Fenghai Warrens, Coastal Woods, and Ruined Temple.

Rumors: A powerful and evil wizard is said to be responsible for large variety of horrors that inhabit the area.

Indigenous Creatures: centaur, cougar, coyote, dark orc, darkwoode, fenghai, forest ogre, forest troll, greater orc, greater spider, large ogre, mammoth arachnid, mezic, mongrel troll, pra'eda, shan cleric, shan ranger, shan warrior, shan wizard, spectral shade, thunder troll, tree spirit, vesperti, wind witch and wolverine.

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