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Vornavian Coast
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Black sand ground from nearby volcanic rock dominates the beaches along the Vornavian Coast. Dangers creatures roam the oceans edge, always on the lookout for a quick meal or an extra coin.

Home Region: Vornavis

Points of Interest: Lagoon, North Beach, South Beach, Beached Hulk, Coastal Cliffs, Caverns, and West Road.

Rumors: Giant serpents from the deeps are said to avoid this particular coast because volcanic black sand that gets into everything makes the sailors taste too dry.

Indigenous Creatures: dark shambler, death dirge, fire guardian, cave troll, cobra, fire salamander, firephantom, great boar, greater ghoul, greater spider, kobold, manticore, mongrel kobold, pale crab, puma, sand beetle, sea nymph, spectre, spectral fisherman, thrak, urgh, water witch and whiptail.

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