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The Graveyard
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A place of calm and reflection upon those lost to us? well, it was before the undead appeared. The Graveyard has been carefully walled and fenced in to keep the presence of undead from spreading to Wehnimer's Landing. As if the undead were not enough, a plague of monstrous goblins, hobgoblins, orcs and other foul creatures can be found lurking within.

Home Region: Wehnimer's Landing

Points of Interest: Secluded Valley, Slither Creek.

Rumors: Hidden somewhere beneath the crypt and through countless tunnels there is rumored to be a magical portal to the Realm of Shadow. The Tomes of Elanthia contain some related information about this strange location.

Indigenous Creatures: albino tomb spider, ancient ghoul master, arch wight, cobra, death dirge, elder ghoul master, ghoul master, giant albino tomb spider, goblin, greater ghoul, greater spider, hobgoblin, lesser ghoul, lesser mummy, moaning spirit, phantom, revenant, skeleton, tomb wight, water moccasin and wraith.

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