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Sentoph Mountain, fourth largest of the Dragonsclaw range, is harsh and craggy. Offering little in the way of trees or greenery, the terrain makes travel though this region less than joyful. Sentoph plays host to several dangerous varieties of creatures. Of landmarks, the now ruined Temple of Love lies along its southwest side. No longer the safehaven of old, the remnants of the Merciful Sisters of Perpetual Adoration echo their ill fate.

Home Region: Dragonsclaw Mountains

Points of Interest: Temple of Love, Obsidian Tower

Rumors: Even the trees in this region have become dark with evil. The wise adventurer will take care under which trees he or she rests their hat.

Indigenous Creatures: grey orc, werebear, darkwoode, dark shambler, storm giant, skeletal giant, nedum vereri and wolfshade.

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