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Thanatoph Mountain, second largest of the Dragonsclaw range, sports two major snow-covered peaks. Though mostly dominated by stone, Thanatoph is not cursed with the bitter cold of nearby Glatoph and thus offers a more pleasant atmosphere for climbers. The natural hot springs along the southeast side show the versatility of nature's grand scheme.

Home Region: Dragonsclaw Mountains

Points of Interest: Stone Valley and Illoke Stronghold.

Rumors: Followers of an immortal stone giant known as Illoke frequent the region. Though many think Illoke now dead, the 'immortal' part of its legend keeps people wary.

Indigenous Creatures: earth elemental, greater earth elemental, greater krynch, Illoke elder, Illoke jarl, Illoke mystic, Illoke shaman, mountain lion, red bear, stone giant, stone mastiff and stone troll.

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