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Glatoph Mountain, the largest and coldest of the Dragonclaw range is almost entirely covered in snow and ice. A glacier has crept down from the north covering part of the lower east side. Despite its icy demeanor, Glatoph is still volcanically active. Evidence of this can be found in deep crevices and caves in the west side. Most notably, just a thousand feet below the summit lies the entrance to some sort of keep made of steel. The immense steel door that once protected the keep, appears to have been kicked open. Only legend and rumors are left to explain what lies inside.

Home Region: Dragonsclaw Mountains

Points of Interest: A dangerous trail through the glacier leads towards the environs of Icemule Trace.

Rumors: The legends of Melgorhen are many and in this place no exception. Mountaineers speak of the powerful wizard having hired locals to assist in the creation of a lab within the mountain. Whispers of strange experiments with metal and monsters were common. Yet one day, the lab was found sealed by a great steel door. No one has yet seen the wizard in this area since.

Indigenous Creatures: ice skeleton, ice hound, cold guardian, fire guardian, steel golem, frost giant, snow crone, ice troll, firephantom and arctic titan.

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