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Wehntoph Mountain, third largest of the Dragonsclaw range, offers danger in many forms. From the gnome mine in its western base, to the twin canyons infested with gremlins, to the northern slopes where all sorts of dangerous weather-magic monsters roam, to the darker dangers of the minotaur labyrinth, Wehntoph leaves nary an unturned stone for the casual explorer under which to hide.

Home Region: Dragonsclaw Mountains

Points of Interest: Gnome Mine, Twin Canyons, Northern Slopes, Krag Slopes, Ocoma Vale.

Rumors: The curse of the minotaur is whispered only rarely and never spoken aloud. There are those that say the mere mention of it will bring down the curse upon you and your family.

Indigenous Creatures: krag yeti, lesser minotaur, minotaur magus, minotaur warrior, nasty little gremlin, ogre warrior, puma, krag dweller, slimy little grub, thunder troll and wind witch.

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