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Icemule Environs
< Geographic Area

Whether it be the lands of ice and snow to the southwest or the frozen glacier to the northeast, you can be certain that no matter where you go, it will be cold. Many dangerous creatures make these harsh lands their home. Few can be found that will hesitate before attempting to make a meal of you.

Home Region: Icemule Trace

Points of Interest: Icemule Pioneer Cemetary, Adandoned Farm, and Ice Tunnels.

Rumors: The dreaded ice Halfling. No one talks about them. No one has seen them. Why?!

Indigenous Creatures: dark apparition, elder tree spirit, carrion worm, ghost wolf, giant rat, cave gnome, ice hound, kobold, leaper, lesser frost shade, lesser orc, phantom, rabid squirrel, rolton, rotting farmhand, skeleton, spectral woodsman, thyril, tree spirit, white vysan, wraith, zombie and zombie rolton.

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