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Few places in the realms have earned such a grand reputation for such insignificant events as the valley that separates Glatoph from its companion mountains to the south. Danjirland, as dubbed by an unknown sign-maker long ago, is the closest example of true chaos to the more civilized lands around Wehnimer's Landing. Abandoned by settlers and overrun by dangerous creatures, this land should be visited only with the utmost caution.

Home Region: Dragonsclaw Mountains

Points of Interest: Elven Village, Potter's Field, Upper Trollfang

Rumors: The mysterious tower of Melgorehn once appeared in this region to baffle adventurers. However, it has long been absent and no one knows where it will appear next.

Indigenous Creatures: bone golem, cave troll, forest troll, ghost wolf, grey orc, large ogre, mountain ogre, tree spirit, zombie, great brown bear and war troll.

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