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Whistler's Pass
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Descending from the high ridge of Zhindel's Post, Whistler's Pass begins as a rock-strewn, arid region blasted by chill mountain gusts and enclosed by high walls of sheer stone. The denizens of the Pass scurry among the crevices lining the rock walls, foraging a meager existence from thorn bushes and cacti. Utilized by both Elves and Dwarves alike, Whistler's Pass is a vital trade route through the Dragonspine Mountains and provides access to the Elven city of Ta'Illistim from the harbor town of Wehnimer's Landing.

Home Region: Ta'Illistim

Points of Interest: Travelers report hearing echoes resound through the middle section of the pass. Seek out the high mountain ledges and try out your yodeling skills!

Indigenous Creatures: Unknown

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